The World's First Built-in Face Mask Hoodie

HyperMask Hoodie 

Introducing the Hypermask Hoodie, a sweatshirt hoodie with a built-in face mask, This is the hoodie you always needed but never existed.

When can you get yours?

Available on Kickstarter in late October,2020

Delivery starts in early November, 2020

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Who we are...

We are VENQUE,a team of innovative product designers for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. We launched our first KS campaign in 2013. Since then we've become a global travel brand and sold over 500k bags/ travel accessories globally.

All the good stories ended in 2020 when the Covid-19 hit us without notice (We wish they've knocked), the world has shifted and millions are suffering, we knew we can't just do nothing. We pulled our team again and spent a good two months to source, and design this new product - Hypermask hoodie.

Innovative Product

Minimalist Design

The Hypermask Hoodie is the first hoodie with a built-in mask, It's not your average cloth or medical mask; the hypermask starts with a super soft cotton inner layer for extended-wear comfort, built-in filter for dust and particle prevention. 100% cotton external layer with water repellent, antibacterial,and anti-droplet treatment. It's built-in but also removable, adjustable ear-loops to fit your ears perfectly. 

Performance Features

Face Mask

Eye Mask


5 Layers Built-in Face mask 

Built-in Eye Mask

Ultra-comfy Lanzii Fabrics

Removable, Adjustable,Washable

Hidden and Built-in 

Recycled Fabrics 

Filters particles

Blocks 97% Sunlights 

Soft Blended Fabric with Extra Fleece

Easy Breathable 

Perfect for 0-5 Degrees 

Release Time

When do we release and how do you get it?

Our official release date will be October 22nd,2020 on KICKSTARTER,  due to limited quantity, we only offer 300 slots for super early bird backers, we encourage you to sign up below to leave your basic contact information. We will keep you updated with more information on the product, images, and short videos. You will be the first to access our super early bird pledge options. Our delivery time will be November 15-20,2020.






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Retail Price- $110 USD

Kickstarter Special - $85 USD

Early Bird Special - $75 USD

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